Medical Weight Loss

The single and most important thing which many people can do to improve health is to lose weight -  not to take a new supplement and not to take a new drug.

We have offered a very successful and affordable weight loss program since 1995.  We use a very safe and effective prescription appetite suppressant which has been FDA-approved for over 60 years.  Appetite-suppressant therapy combined with lifestyle changes and frequent followups are the starting point for the program. Our goal is to help you achieve your goal and to help bring you to a level of understanding and practice (lifestyle) which will help you maintain your weight loss on your own.  

As a physician, I am passionate and committed to the ethical and successful practice of weight loss medicine (Bariatric Medicine).  I was awarded Diplomate status by the American Board of Bariatric Medicine in the year 2000.

You do not sign any contracts;  we do not offer any packaged foods;  you are not required to buy any supplements.  We do help you lose weight.  I personally see every patient every visit.

The Front Desk program (written by Dr. Herring) computes pertinent, individualized weight loss calculations and maintains and prints a graph of your progress at each visit.


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