Hours and Policies

We do not accept Medicare or insurance assignment.  This means payment is expected in full at time of service; insurance reimbursement will go directly to the patient from the insurance company or Medicare.

We do fill out and submit Medicare forms for the patient.  Payment will go to the patient. 

Homeopathic treatment from qualified Medical Doctors is covered by Medicare and the various insurance companies.

IV Chelation Therapy is not covered by Medicare nor, usually, insurance companies.

We do not engage the patient in multi-level marketing schemes.

I do not attend patients in hospital nor perform surgery.

We do not inject vaccines.

Office hours from 6:00 AM to "all day", as required by circumstances, Mondays, Tuesdays, and Wednesdays.

Office hours are by appointment, call 386-775-0525.

There is usually a fee for “calling in” a prescription.

I cannot perform initial consultations by telephone.

You may call at any reasonable time for information about my practice and whether it may be of benefit to you. You will usually find that I am very approachable and willing to talk to you.

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